When it comes to mud riding, horsepower matters. That's why the Maverick X mr 1000 boasts the 101 horsepower Rotax 976 cc V-Twin engine. Because in a mud hole, best-in-class power separates you from the pack. This NEW package takes all the groundbreaking innovations of the Can-Am Maverick and optimizes them for the ultimate mud-riding experience.
The minimum operator age of this vehicle is 16.
SMOOTHER, QUIETER WORKHORSE A quieter, smoother cabin combined with class-leading off-road capability. Translation: Chore-tackling comfort for three!
Spyder RT Limited Bike includes two helmets, 2 Leather riding jackets, a Bluetooth headset & intercom and a Bluetooth dongle for audio system. Also includes a bike cover for garage and a lighter cover for on the road.
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